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#1: [SR4]NEWS: "It’s May. How’d that happen?" Autor: Smokin' AceWohnort: Allianzhauptstadt Hannover BeitragVerfasst am: Mo Mai 04, 2009 9:34 am

April was an awfully busy month for the development team. I realize that’s hard to believe from the outside looking in; after all — the only new release was a Shadowrun Missions scenario.
So, obviously, we weren’t doing anything, right?

As part of an effort to give people some idea of what happens behind the curtain, I thought I’d just drop comments about a few of the things that came across my desk in the last week.

  • Just one more chapter of Running Wild to wrap up and integrate playtest feedback. Then we can get it through copy editing. (Then comes layout and artwork, then comes proofing, then comes printing… But we’re close to on schedule. Well, the re-revised schedule.)
  • Next Shadowrun Missions Scenario finished layout and sent to proofreaders. First comments back reveal that I’m clearly blind. Eep! Thank god we have proofreaders and time to implement their corrections.
  • Oh look, I have another book to develop. Revising the book outline to issuing writing assignments in less than a week. Woot! Now if we can just stick to the schedule for the rest of the project.
  • Seriously? We have to talk about the 2011 schedule this week?
  • Hah! I finished my work on that project. Everyone stand back, my keyboard is in a finishing things off kind of mood.
  • Contact who about what? Sure, I can do that. E-mail address. E-mail address. Where’d I put their e-mail address?
  • I have eighteen Shadowrun gaming ebook projects at various stages of writing. Wow. I probably should’ve taken a tally of that sooner.

So, I guess if I seem to be inactive, it’s only because I’m hiding in my office with my laptop. The wifi’s turned off to avoid distractions. I have to assume that if I’m resorting to such drastic measures, I’m not the only member of the team who’s come up with the idea.

There really is progress back here. We really do have materials on the Horizon. The schedule is ramping up, and I think there will be some cool stuff “Real Soon Now.”

Quelle: http://www.shadowrun4.com/wordpress/2009/05/its-may.-howd-that-happen

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